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Living in Japan these past years has given me a greater understanding of the difficulties but also the rewards in learning to speak a new language.  Being able to communicate with people in their own language enhances the enjoyment of interaction with others.  As a parent and teacher in a foreign land, I believe I have a unique appreciation for the need to acquire second language skills.  With the continuing globalization of the world's economy, the need for these language skills is now more important than ever.  When today's children join tomorrow's workforce, the challenges and needs for English language skills will be even greater, as the world moves into a more integrated business community.

In Japan's increasingly globalized environment, many people are now diligently studying English.  there is a greater focus on English and junior high schools, and companies are increasingly adopting English as their official language.  However, most classes place little emphasis on developing actual communication skills.  With English today being the international language, talented speakers will surely find themselves increasingly in demand.

At Aurora, we take pride in helping those who wish to improve their English communication abilities.  Our success is measured solely by the success achieved by our students.  Putting a smile on a child's face as they learn, witnessing first hand the motivation to improve this creates, or providing a business man that extra confidence for success is our goal.  Our staff is dedicated to create a relaxing and fun classroom environment  and we would like nothing more than the opportunity to personally show you.


Aurora Canada English School specializes in dispatching English and Japanese teachers, offering professional translation services, and providing Study Abroad opportunities and assistance.  

We specialize in dispatching College and University Instructors, Corporate Trainers and Kindergarten specialist teachers throughout Tokyo, Kanagawa, Saitama and Chiba. Our instructors are carefully chosen with respect to their qualifications, education, experience and character.  We guarantee our teachers are properly qualified and trained native English speakers for all your English lesson requirements.  Our translators are all highly qualified and experienced, while offering expertise in all fields.  We enjoy presenting various Study Abroad opportunities including Internships, providing all the assistance necessary to complete the enrolment process.    Our management teams is is made up of a dedicated group of professionals, proficient in both English and Japanese, able to provide a comfortable communication environment for our valued clients.  

Now in our eleventh year, our goal is simple: to provide the highest quality teacher and lesson combined with professional management services.  We would be pleased to meet and discuss your English language needs, and we offer complimentary demonstration lessons at no cost or obligation.  We look forward to meeting you and establishing a close working relationship.


2014 Gallery of Aurora Canada English School Teachers

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